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A selection of our projects

Our customers value confidentiality. Please understand that we have anonymized the majority of our project examples.

Digital platform for SME and founders

In collaboration with “Deutscher Gründerverband” (German Founders Association): Counselling and support for development, implementation, and operations of smartaxxess, the first digital ecosystem for SMEs, founders, consultants, finance and insurance partners.

smartaxxess organizes all processes around founding, evaluating, and financing a company – automated, standardized, and fully digital. The processes smartgründen® and smartexist® support SMEs and founders developing and advancing their business models. smartrating® provides finance partners and shareholders with qualitative and quantitative evaluations to predict the probability of success of the business models rated. With these modules, the whole process can be organized fast and efficiently. Controlling tools, professional support, and a personal concept to avert risks (smartrisk®) ensure good chances of success.

Development of an ecosystem: strategy, concept, business case

We improved the existing business model of a company in the upper mid-sized market of the building automation and heating/cooling technology sector to include an “open cooling platform” meaning an ecosystem in which new revenue streams can be generated and cost reduction potentials can arise.

The target business model extension includes initiating the necessary change from a component supplier to the market leader for integrated cooling solutions in food retailing. A specific goal in this context was to put more emphasis on service contracts besides the classical product sales, which was supposed to result from the empowerment of different partners in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, the ecosystem usage generates additional data to improve the business model. Aside from primary revenue and cost levers in the cooling sector, company-wide synergy effects can be leveraged. By an increased value chain share in B2B cooling technology, the positive effects in terms of customer loyalty were addressed beyond the additional revenue from the service business.

Digital ecosystem

Development of a company-wide ecosystem for digital B2C solutions (incl. AI) for a worldwide leading financial services company.

  • Concept for a microservice-based architecture with an API-Gateway and external microservices (e.g., for detection of location-based risks)

  • Through joint use of data and services, synergies in the development and operations of digital solutions on corporate level are used and additional revenue potentials for digital products and services are created through accelerated market entry

Realignment of a complex digital/IT transformation program

In the course of a multiannual, complex digital/IT transformation of a financial service provider, we served as “external challenger” to guide company management, project lead, and organization. For this purpose, a dedicated governance board was implemented.

The tasks of the board include the organizational realignment of the program, as well as scope adjustments, re-prioritization of requirements, deployment of a transparent progress and budget control process, and most of all a targeted communication strategy for all stakeholders within the program and the company.

Back-office software robots in banking

Top 5 use cases in the financial sector are currently

  • Compliance reporting automation

  • Payment transactions reconciliation

  • Authentication and IT access management

  • Creation of audit letters for business clients

  • Processing of credit requests

More complex use cases which combine RPA and AI are, e.g.:

  • Sentiment analyses which derive customer satisfaction from communication

  • Summarizer for customer dialogs using natural language processing

  • Automated classification of documents using a complex keyword combinations

Client app: concept and solution design

We validated the concept (PoC) of a market-leading German universal insurance company’s customer app with focus on validation and critical evaluation of the existing agency concept.

  • The app aimed at customer retention with extended services and easy interaction with the insurance company. This way, customer lifetime value should be improved, and in the long-term, higher revenues can be achieved

  • The app was part of a company-wide rebranding campaign and thus adds to higher awareness of the modernized design brand

  • The validated concept describes an approach which is based on digital contract and document sharing with relatives and related persons. This enables a new organization and a service for the client, which will lead to an additional sales push.

Pay-per-use billing for industry 4.0 machines

Together with Connected Value: Development of a concept and the components for a pay-per-use billing concept for interconnected industry machines

  • The data gained enable the advancement of “smart products” to “smart assets”. On this basis, pricing models based on actual usage were developed

  • As a result, manufacturers can gain higher revenues via bundling machine usage with additional maintenance and digital services and in addition enable a lower entry level into Industry 4.0 for the user by providing lower fixed cost