We connect.
We transform.
We build.

Digital Transformation,

Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Digitization and
Digital Transformation.

  • Your company is in the middle of a transformation – technically, process-wise, culturally?

  • You have to deal with legacy and complex transformation projects at the same time?

  • You would like to advance faster?

  • Your company is not prepared for the AI revolution yet?

Our team of strategists and project managers combines the expertise of executives from industry and services with the spirit of young entrepreneurs. We live digital transformation from idea and concept to development and implementation.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

  • You need automation solutions which fit your company and your processes?

  • You want to relieve your employees from repetitive and “machine-like” tasks?

  • You want tailor-made solutions based on standard platforms without becoming dependent on suppliers?

Our team of analysts and AI/RPA experts combines process automation experience from different sectors, agile technology, and product development, as well as current research. We offer tailor-made solutions from automation strategy to implementation and operation.

Our Philosophy:

Team Human First!

AI is made for humans, not vice versa.

Our goal is to transfer boring, repetitive, “machine-like” tasks to where they belong – to machines. AI will not make human labor obsolete, quite the contrary: we promote AI to restore meaning and joy to human work.

We support companies to choose the right strategy, concepts, and technologies as well as with implementation and operations. We also enable executives and employees to competently use, maintain, and advance the solutions.

This is what “team human first” is all about!

Experience has shown us two things

Real innovation needs
lateral thinkering and entrepreneurship


are idealists

believe in interdisciplinary
– no more silos!

know that curiosity, joy of experimenting, and team spirit are key ingredients for advancement

think a good prototype is more convincing than any elaborate functional specification

are convinced that good communication and trust are much more effective than micromanagement and surveillance

Successful implementation needs sound expertise, leadership, and a sense of what is achievable


are realists

know how to make decisions

know how large companies work – with their processes, structures, rules & regulations

are experienced
project managers

keep an eye on numbers
and overall performance

We Connect.

and Digital

We know the analogous and the digital world and we are convinced connecting both is the way to innovation

Companies with
New Technologies

We know that many companies do not yet fully use the potential provided by new technologies

Our experts analyze your company’s processes
and identify their full potential

We Transform.

to Innovation

We digitize and automate your processes. This by far exceeds the usual scope of classical efficiency projects, but aims at new ways and business models.

to Culture

Innovation is not just a one-off effort, it’s about mindset. It’s a question of the abilities and the culture within your company.

We train your employees how to apply new methods and technologies.

We Build.

Strategy and Organization in the Digital World

From business model innovation and human-centered design to agile methods and leadership 4.0.

The Best AI Strategy for your company

Which processes are suitable?
Which technology to choose?
RPA first and “real” AI later?
Which effects are to be expected?

We analyze your process landscape and develop your company’s AI/automation strategy.