Dr. Edeltraud Leibrock

Partner & Managing Director

Edeltraud knows from her work as top executive in the banking sector – among others as member of the executive board of KfW Bankengruppe – and her longstanding career as consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, how much pressure for change companies are facing. She knows that it is difficult to implement this change only from the inside. She knows the organizational, process-related, and cultural hurdles.

As a scientist and tech pioneer (she started programming when she was 16), she has always been driven by curiosity and the will to change and shape. She is convinced that technical advancements in conjunction with entrepreneurial thinking can improve our lives in many ways. Thus she engages a.o. with the AI Business School, as a mentor for startups, and with the Deutscher Gründerverband (German Founders’ Association).

Edeltraud always has valued interdisciplinary work: during her studies (Physics, Biology, PhD), during her postdoc time in the US, as a consultant as well as a manager. She is convinced that new things emerge where different worlds, people, and cultures meet, exchange, and complement one another. Only with the different perspectives, you can see the whole picture. But most of the time, there is a need for a bridge between these worlds – and therefore Connected Innovations was formed.

Edeltraud is a huge admirer of Leonardo da Vinci, she loves opera and literature and is interested in (paleo)anthropology. She likes to spend time outdoors with friends, e.g., jogging, mountaineering, climbing, or mountain biking.

For more information pls. see www.eleibrock.de