Tim Behrens

Senior Consultant, AI Specialist

Tim is a real technology enthusiast and interested in the latest, most innovative, but also most pragmatic technological solutions to a wide variety of problems. It is Tim’s passion to use analytics, creativity, and technology to solve major challenges and find the best way forward.

Tim has been able to live this passion as a consultant for AI strategy and project manager for lighthouse projects at Arago. From banking and insurance to aerospace and biotech, Tim has developed products, services and business models that open up new opportunities for companies through applied AI and automation while integrating seamlessly into existing infrastructures.

Entrepreneurial thinking and a deep interest in the great challenges of our time led Tim to start his own business with NxtCortex. He used his experience in AI and automation to develop intelligent, technologically sophisticated and at the same time sustainable solutions in the field of AgriTech, especially in precision farming.

Tim’s biggest interest is in the future. He enjoys researching system dynamics and their implications for today’s economy and society. Tim incorporates these insights into his projects – because in his opinion the best way to solve a business challenge is not always the fastest, cheapest, or most efficient one – but the one that is resilient to an uncertain future in the long run.

Tim has a degree in economics, speaks four languages, and has studied in Karlsruhe, at the ESB Business School in Reutlingen, and in Querétaro Mexico.